Risk Revolution provide innovative and bespoke management of business process and hands on help with critical compliance in Health and Safety, Human Resources and Personnel Management.

We help businesses grow and succeed enabling them to concentrate on what they do best and providing timely, efficient and cost effective management of health & safety, personnel and environmental functions.

Our solutions are practical and delivered by industry professionals with sector experience. We work with businesses of all sizes.

This site has been created with the intention of giving you condensed, real advice and help on various health and safety and human resource topics. We hope that you find it highly informative and if you have any questions or queries regarding anything you have read then please get in contact.

  • Estates
  • Offices

    Managing and nurturing a vibrant and productive environment revolves around happy staff. For us, that comes from staff that feel comfortable with the policies and procedure they are asked to comply with, whether they be related to health, safety or human resources.

  • Contractors
  • Construction

    Often with a highly mobile or temporary workforce operating in relatively risky environments, health & safety and human resources procedures in the construction industry always need to be very flexible to deal with any changes in safe working practices and responsibilities.

  • Equine
  • Manufacturing

    Managing risk in a heavy industrial environment is very different from a warehouse or a light industrial setting. The approach we provide to delivering hands on advice across the manufacturing sector is therefore individually tailored to take account of these differences.

  • Farms
  • Agriculture

    We have a wealth of experience in the rural business sector including Farms, Estates and Contractors. Operating nationally with local staff in each part of the country, if you are concerned about agricultural safety then our bespoke services are right for you.

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If you are hiring any staff this autumn then it is important you go through the right procedures. Our FREE staff induction forms are an excellent way of making sure you cover everything when introducing new staff to your business.

Client Testimonials

“I have to confess that when we engaged the Revolution team I was unsure how it would help me and the team – 18 months on, it has been a great boost to our business in helping improve systems and professionalise the way we manage safety and relationships with our team. The best example I can think of is feedback from clients saying that our guys are operating more safely on site, wearing hi-viz and generally more aware of looking after themselves – it’s raised the whole image of our Company. We’ve always prided ourselves on doing a quality job – now I feel our safety practices are highlighting that attention to detail. We have also worked hard – with Oliver and his team – to improve our contracts of employment, to bring in clear policies and to communicate with our staff openly. This raised a lot of questions – and it’s been good to answer those – the net result is that we have a clear understanding amongst the team as to how things should work. That has saved time, there’s less repetition on niggling little issues and we can concentrate on getting the job done”.

“As a John Deere dealership, Burden Bros Agri Ltd have been clients of Risk Revolution Ltd since 2009.

It is encouraging to see the rapid progress of Health and Safety within the organisation. All systems and procedures implemented by Risk revolution Ltd are simple and easy to understand.

Your Consultant has made me realise that Health and Safety is not as difficult as I first thought and it is reassuring to work with a support company that consistently provides such high levels of service.

Members of your team deserve my deepest respect for their work and their professional but friendly approach. They are excellent ambassadors for your company and we would have no recommendation in recommending your services.”


Lone Working

It’s vital that employers, farm managers and long serving staff all work together to give consideration to the risks isolated working can introduce.

We’ve put together a few helpful tips on reducing the risks of Lone Working, click “Find out More” below to see them.

Latest News

  • It’s vital that employers, farm managers and long serving staff all work together to give consideration to the risks isolated working can introduce. These few simple steps could prevent or reduce the risk of a serious incident on your farm or estate: Make sure all staff know where there is a reduced mobile phone signal. Issue Read the full article…

  • The CDM Regulations are aimed at improving the overall management and co-ordination of health, safety and welfare throughout all stages of a construction project to reduce the large number of serious and fatal accidents and cases of ill health which happen every year on building sites. A CDM Co-ordinator has to be appointed by the Read the full article…

  • An employee handbook conveys what is important to you and what kind of behaviours you perceive most desirable within your business. A well written handbook establishes clear “rules” so your employees can easily understand the parameters of their place of work, their eligibility for company benefits, what kind of behaviours may result in termination and Read the full article…