Reducing the Risks of Lone Working

It’s vital that employers, farm managers and long serving staff all work together to give consideration to the risks isolated working can introduce.

These few simple steps could prevent or reduce the risk of a serious incident on your farm or estate:

  • Make sure all staff know where there is a reduced mobile phone signal.
  • Issue all seasonal and new staff with contact numbers in case of emergencies.
  • Staff should leave a copy of phone numbers with someone at home.
  • Mark all field plans with grid references in case the air ambulance is needed.
  • If you have staff who don’t speak very good English, make sure they understand where they are going and can telephone someone who will know where they are if they need help.
  • Try to have everyone checked in at the end of the day – make sure no-one is left unaccounted for.
  • Remind everyone regularly to keep in regular contact with each other throughout the day.